Ausum: The wholesome way to stress-free lives

NSRCEL-incubated start-up Ausum aims to make stress relief simple and self-care effortless so that people can live longer, sick-free and also live lives full of happiness. Founder Mayura says that she believes in getting to the root of the problem by combining ancient knowledge of botanicals with technology. “Humans have coexisted with plants for thousands of years and we believe in using their power to heal our bodies. We extract active ingredients from medicinal plants and clinically validate their effect. We deliver these precise dosages of plant-based supplements in the form of everyday beverages and snacks, so that stress care can effortlessly fit into our existing lifestyles”, she adds. 

Mayura, who has had formal business training, says that two things attracted her to NSRCEL’s Emerging Business Program. “One is the community of like-minded entrepreneurs, striving to build our business and scale, and the other is the access to experts, education, Q&A with experts and one-on-ones. Some of these are not possible outside of an ecosystem that NSRCEL provides.”

“The program helped me enhance skills like digital marketing, leveraging social media partnerships and niche areas of building a digital first start-up. The practical and hands-on sessions of the program have provided me access to people solving the same problems that I am solving. This community is a gold mine of information and support. It has saved me hours of research. The program has given us stronger fundamentals and exposed blindspots of opportunities and pitfalls I did not see before.” 

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