Rethinking playtime Anthill Creations’ goal is for every child to have a playground within walking distance

Anthill Creations is a not-for-profit startup, being incubated at IIMB’s NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, and aims to bring playgrounds and play back into the lives of children.

The team aims to involve the community and build sustainable playgrounds.  They are the first company in the market who is working on accessibility of play.

Anthill Creations was formed when the five founders – Nancy Charaya, Souradeep Paul, Vishesh Gupta, Nupur Agrawal and Pooja Rai – were in college. They, “like ants”, came together to build something bigger than themselves. They chose the not-for-profit model which, they say, helps them position their startup to positively impact the lives of thousands of underprivileged children who need access to open spaces and proper playgrounds.

Founders of Anthill Creations
[L] Nancy Charaya & Pooja Rai

Today, people consider play to be a luxury and think playgrounds are extremely expensive to build. Anthill Creations makes playgrounds both economical and sustainable. They are able to create them at low costs and they upcycle waste such as scrap tyres to build them.

Anthill Creations in Action!

CSR to the rescue?

Their go-to market strategy is to work with corporates and tap into their CSR funds in order to build playgrounds for underprivileged children.  These playgrounds are provided at huge discounts to schools. Playgrounds have great potential to aid the physical and mental development of children.  In the next 5 years, Anthill Creations plans to build awareness among children, parents and schools about play and its positive effects on the community.

Learning at NSRCEL

Anthill Creations credits the mentors at NSRCEL for helping them learn without making expensive mistakes. They have grown immensely here due to this mentorship. They also credit NSRCEL for giving them credibility with schools and corporates, which helped forward their idea.

The team building playscapes out of scrap tyres

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