Auditing homes for buyers

‘Nemmadi’, incubated at NSRCEL, empowers home buyers and here’s how…

‘Nemmadi’, which translates to “peace of mind”, helps homebuyers by conducting a technical audit of their homes using a proprietary app in conjunction with other advanced tools. 

As part of the process, Nemmadi checks for workmanship in civil engineering, plumbing, electrical engineering and safety-related aspects. They also perform an analysis for any dampness that may be present using thermographic cameras. They measure carpet area of the apartment/villa as mandated by RERA.  

One of the Co-Founders, A N Prakash, has over five decades of experience in construction projects in India and abroad. The other, Uday Prakash, an alumnus of the Management Program for Entrepreneurs & Family Businesses (MPEFB) at IIMB, has a Chemical Engineering degree and a dual Masters in the Science of Mechanical Engineering & Computer Science, and has led several projects at home and abroad.

Nemmadi has helped over 5000 individual customers, 16+ Residents’ Welfare Associations and over 10 builders so far.

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