Sibling revelry helps foster culture connect Three sisters who are passionate about their cultural heritage launch ‘Waves of Bharat’ and credit NSRCEL at IIMB with helping them scale their venture

Waves of Bharat is a platform where culture conservation meets earth optimism. This social venture connects the dots of ecology, culture and people through awareness workshops, cultural events, Go green celebrations at ‘goshalas’, structured learning programmes, and sale of eco products — the proceeds from which are used to support its various eco-initiatives. The vision of the venture is to build a greener and compassionate world by connecting the present with the past.

The founders are three sisters who are passionate about their cultural heritage and promote earth optimism as a movement to develop a positive outlook towards current environmental challenges through their eco-cultural initiative. Sharada Seshadri is the Operations Head of the venture. An architect and musician, she also lectures on sustainable development and eco cultural issues. Bindu Subramani is the Marketing Head. She is also an architect with a special research interest in Indic heritage and temple architecture. Deepa Seshadri is the Content Head. An Environment engineer and musician based out of USA, she conducts Kannada and culture workshops.

“Thanks to NSRCEL, our entrepreneurial understanding of running a venture has widened. We have been inspired to think and act at scale – we are in the overseas market. We have learnt milestone setting, sprint activity and pitch deck presentations which helped us finetune our ideas and programs. The mentoring we received at NSRCEL helped us relook and reassess our direction of growth,” says Sharada.

“We have inherited a beautiful cultural legacy which ought to be lived and preserved,” she adds.

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