Young entrepreneurs aim to contribute to global development with their tech innovation Tech company Quantanx, founded by Information Science & Engineering graduates Surabhi and Mahanthesh, benefits significantly from NSRCEL’s Women Startup Programme

21 April, 2021, Bengaluru: Quantanx is a technology company created with the sole purpose of pushing technology to its threshold. Its flagship product Xtangible, which implies extended touch, is a haptic feedback glove, broadening touch capabilities to the realms of the virtual world. This is just the foremost of many products the company plans on contributing to the tech industry. The goal is not just creating something state-of-the-art but also being beneficial to the better part of science and global development.


The founders, Surabhi and Mahanthesh, met during their undergraduate degree. With a mixed combination of interests and a similar goal of becoming entrepreneurs, they began their journey of exploring each other’s skillsets and what they can bring to the table. The defining moment for them was what led them to their company Quantanx and its breakthrough product. They worked throughout college experimenting on Xtangible, and participated in numerous hackathons which made them realize how big a problem they can solve. After the completion of their Bachelor’s degree, they co-founded their first company Contentributor – a digital services agency, whilst freelancing to fund their dream project. Now at the age of 22 and 23, they co-founded Quantanx with a vision of creating a new technological realm. Being selected for NSRCEL’s Women Startup Programme, this vision became a reality.

Quantanx Co-Founders Surabhi and Mahanthesh say their takeaway from NSRCEL’s Women Startup Programme is a gift unparalleled.Quantanx Co-Founders Surabhi and Mahanthesh say their takeaway from NSRCEL’s Women Startup Programme is a gift unparalleled.

The founders share that there have been significant takeaways and learnings from NSRCEL.

“Being first-time entrepreneurs, we entered the WSP with a clean slate in terms of experience and an Information Science & Engineering Bachelor’s degree. Everything we have learnt along this journey is to be credited to NSRCEL and its amazing team. We will be forever thankful for the networking opportunity with mentors, exposure to a community of women entrepreneurs from different domains and the support NSRCEL has extended to us since Day One.”

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