A Virtual Classroom that is IIMB Trishna Nair, from the PGP Batch of 2020, describes the e-volution of her online life

For the batch of 2022, we began our journey at IIM Bangalore on Zoom this August. We had an online orientation, an online ‘Aarambh’ and are now in the midst of an online ‘Section War’. I am incredibly proud of how resilient and innovative we have been as a batch. And I am also grateful to the seniors and professors, at IIMB, who have tried so hard to ensure that we enjoy a holistic learning experience.

This whole month has been a period of acclimatization. The hours spent staring at the screen do take a toll. I use Zoom so often that I feel like a rebel when I use the WhatsApp video call feature! Some non-screen time is a necessity in order to cope. Then there is the news we are bombarded with – COVID numbers, the plight of patients and their families – it is truly heart-breaking. In the midst of all this, I am in awe of the way we have managed to bond and be there for each other.

Looking at the positives, this lockdown is the longest I have been home since the 12th grade. Having everything handed to you on a platter is a huge plus! I do have days that are so hectic that I am not able to have a proper conversation with my parents. Still, being able to spend any amount of time with family is a blessing. Today, I am so much more grateful for all that I used to take for granted before – even visits to the supermarket are much anticipated trips now!

I do lament about not being on campus. At times, we simply indulge ourselves in ‘Had we been on campus’ sessions. Late night messages like ‘had we been on campus, we would have been eating Maggi’ prick my heart, each time. I do so want to see the beautiful IIMB campus in all its glory! I look forward to the day I get to see my new friends in person, rather than just 2D representations on the screen. Till then, I will E-mbrace and E-volve a la Aarambh!

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