The roadmap to boost brand value: Copylove

Founded in 2015, Copylove is a boutique copywriting and strategic content solutions studio that offers branding, copywriting and strategic content solutions to corporate enterprises, brands, businesses and entrepreneurs. 

The Founder Gunjan Pai says that they specialize in creating a wide variety of niche brand work including naming, taglines, positioning, short-form content such as social media, and long-form pieces such as whitepapers, publications, etc.

She adds, “We are a lean-principled firm with a collaborative DNA. Our all-women team works remotely from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Goa. The team makes high-quality, persuasive and memorable copy that creates the right impact.”

Gunjan Pai has two decades of experience as a copywriter with leading advertising agencies, top brands and businesses. She is a mentor at Google for start-ups and is a TEDx speaker. She is the Global Growth Fellowship 2022 winner of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Programme. She is also into Hindi and Urdu poetry.

Gunjan says that the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Programme helped her get a thorough understanding of the business world. “The sessions gave me practical knowledge on how to scale my business. Putting my paperwork and contracts in place was one of the first concrete steps I took. The power of a community of peers unlocked a world of learning and business opportunities, as did the mentorship of the faculty, whose advice helped be fine-tune my business. Earlier this year, I also bagged the prestigious Fellowship of the programme, putting me and my business in the spotlight, and giving me a lot of confidence and exposure.”

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