The road so high

Dark above the world, under this scenic sky,

We feel the frostiness of snow, with moonlight as a spy.

We finished our mission, and assembled as a group,

Warming our hands, cherishing a cup of soup.


Came our trek leader, who was a local host,

Frightening us all, with his tale of ghosts.

Every mountain has its story, he said with a smile,

This landscape creates memories, with every passing mile.


Away from home, with phones free from network,

This nature-imposed isolation acted as a perk.

Little did we know, of what lies within,

Our hearts needed a break, from the race it had seen.


These hills and stars were there to call,

To keep moving, with steps taken small.

Break was what was needed, in this land of lama,

To recharge ourselves, with the wonderful panorama.

As night grew darker, we saw a shooting star,

We prayed for tranquillity when life goes bizarre.

Pause is all it takes, for joy to magnify,

To cherish every moment, while taking the road so high.

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