Student Exchange Programme

In order to provide a cross cultural exposure and a global perspective to the students, IIMB has developed an extensive International Students Exchange Network. The Exchange Programme has become increasingly popular with the students and nearly 40% of the batch gets a chance to spend a term at a Partner Institute. Efforts are underway to expand the Programme further and enable an even larger number of students to avail of this unique opportunity. The students not on the exchange programme benefit through interaction with the large number of overseas students spending a term at IIMB.
Courses while on Exchange Programme
Students who go on an Exchange Programme in term V must take the full course load for students at their respective University taking only post-graduate level courses that amount to not less than 120 contact hours over the exchange term. A student can take credit for a maximum of 30 additional contact hours beyond 120, provided the course is approved by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) Committee. Thus, a student must earn 12 -15 credits while on exchange.
A student not getting a pass grade in a course while on exchange will not earn any credit from it.
  • The credits for courses in each exchange University will be released by the OIA.
  • Students failing to earn the required credits from the exchange programme will be asked to make up the deficit by taking additional course work at IIMB in the sixth term of the same year or in the next academic year, and will not be awarded the Diploma till they complete the academic requirements. The deficit from the exchange programme cannot be more than three credits. Registering for such additional course work is subject to meeting the requirements of the minimum and maximum credits in a term.
  • No excused absence from attending classes will be granted to students on exchange programme who leave before the close of the previous term OR arrive late for the following term. Thus, students not attending classes for reasons stated above will be marked absent. Students whose exchange term ends later than the start of the sixth term at IIMB can register with prior permission within a maximum of one week from the start of the sixth term. This leeway is available only if their University term or examinations actually runs during the first week of the sixth term. However, even with prior permission, no attendance waiver will be granted for the days missed and fines for late registration will apply.
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