My Time at IIMB A breakthrough year and a once-in-a-lifetime experience is how Ashish Anja describes his EPGP experience

If there is one thing that the IIMB experience has made me in the last one year, that would be – ‘humble’. Irrespective of what one has achieved in their pre-IIMB career, the pedigree of the cohort at IIMB is such that it makes one feel respectful. IIMB, being the best B-school in the country, was always my dream college. The opportunity to study and experience life at this prestigious institute is nothing less than ‘living a dream’ for me.

I still remember entering the hallowed gates of the institute for the first time and pinching myself to be sure that all this was really happening. The campus was warm and welcoming and the famous wooden benches were wooing us. The huge classrooms, the sprawling lawns, the ever-welcoming food mess and the always buzzing meeting rooms, they all became an integral part of my life at the institute. I quickly got accustomed to the campus life and enjoyed every minute of it. Be it the computer center or the Amul Café, they all served a specific purpose in my student life, making my journey all the more special.

I started off my academic stint tentatively – I guess I was in awe of the legendary professors teaching us and a bit overwhelmed by the sheer talent in my class. For the first time in my life I felt that I was probably the least talented person in the room. Luckily for me the pace of the programme and the hustle of student life did not allow me to overthink and eventually helped me cope with the rigor of the course. Although I started off my year by worrying about the marks in an unofficial quiz, I ended it by focusing on the learnings rather than the score of the final end term exam of the year . That is a major change in my approach towards life, in general, which the institute has brought about in me. It has taught me to focus on the process and the learnings and let the result take care of itself. The peer learning was significant, thanks to the diversity and experience in our cohort. Our classrooms were a melting pot of ideas which taught me so many different nuances of business and life.

The personality of some of my fellow students was 180-degree opposite of me and it was exciting exchanging ideas and opinions with them. This experience not only helped me broaden my horizon but also helped me gain some unique friendships. The professors ignited our curiosity and enriched our learning by enlightening us with their experience. We shared a special relationship with the EPGP Office, they were our guardians for the year, and I am extremely grateful for the support and care the office extended. I was star-struck when I got to meet and interact with some of the industry stalwarts during various events such as seminars and business conclaves. The IIMB brand name has given me access to some of the most highly placed people in the industry and made it possible for me to interact with them on contemporary business topics.

Overall, my experience at IIMB has been surreal. It opened me up to so many things that I never knew existed and at the same time helped me look deeper into myself and discover abilities that I never thought I had in me. It was a breakthrough year for me inside the famous brick walls – a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stay with me forever. Thank you IIMB!

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