IIMB journey begins…

Once began the saga of my ceaseless toil,
To live my dreams or stay in turmoil
From perfect score to coveted calls
The day of judgment arrived
When one of the mundane phone checks
Cultivated the most spectacular moment of life
I finally made it to the stone-walled campus!
But still there was no respite
Pandemic cancelling flights, trains gatherings with its might
Conversations, fun, learning will not be cancelled
We will put up a strong fight!
The first peep into this exciting new life
Inspirational lectures from faculty and esteemed alumni
Creators to coders, engineers to CAs
With everyone having an intriguing story to tell
Environment is so ripe with different brainwaves
For ideas to pump out at a gigantic rate
Inflating with palpable tension before the first lecture ride
Only to be diffused by fun and brainy discussions alike
Infinite zoom calls but connections for life
Who wouldn’t aspire for such sheer delight?
From here on there is up and up with no end in sight
Awaiting to take the world on the brighter side!

Surbhi Sahu, PGP 2020-22, completed her under graduation from IIT Bombay in 2018, where she was actively involved in cultural and sports activities. After that, she worked with Mastercard Advisors in a consulting role for two years. She has a passion for dance and has learnt ‘Street Jazz’. Surbhi recently started an Instagram page ‘Under the Tree Musings’ where she posts micro poems. She aspires to get into social entrepreneurship.

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