IIM Bangalore: An unforgettable experience to cherish for life Challenging roles, a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow, and a long career with a lifetime of memories are some of the things Vedy A will take back as he retires from IIMB service

Before joining IIMB, I worked for ITI Ancillary Unit Pvt Ltd as Power Press Operator for about four years. In 1982, I got an opportunity to work for IIM Bangalore. Since then, my journey here has been a memorable one working her for the last 38 years.

When I joined the Institute, I was posted in Hostel mess for five years, during which I worked 16 hours a day. Being new and unaware of the responsibilities the role entailed, I worked hard to understand the process and enjoyed working here.

As I moved to Library in 1987, which was again entirely new to me, I took this as a challenge and strived hard to understand the nature of work. Gradually as I gained knowledge, I was elevated to the position of Library Information Assistant from a Library Attender. In those days, everything used to be manual unlike today when digitization has taken over the world.  In my years of experience working in the Library, I have guided and helped Ph.D students (both from IIMB and outside) in availing them books/journals/transcripts etc., for their educational needs.

After serving in Library until 2003, I was transferred to Executive Education Programme (EEP) section—a new stream altogether. As Program Administrator, I quickly adapted myself to the responsibilities, helped professors with conducting their programs and assisted participants in the programs with their queries and needs.  In this role, I got an opportunity to interact with various faculty and executives from different streams regularly, which boosted my confidence and helped me deliver my work efficiently and successfully. Also, I met the best of people from all demographics. At IIMB, this phase brought a significant transformation in my life.

I put in a lot of effort and hard work to be what I am today with whatever little I have learnt. The challenge for me was to know the job first in all the departments I served and then work efficiently. My determination to learn and hard work has reaped the benefits. All faculty members at IIMB with whom I have worked, my colleagues and other staff, carry a good opinion on my deliverables.

Overall, I take this opportunity to thank each one of you for the support, cooperation, warmth and affection bestowed on me during this period of my career at this esteemed Institute. I cherish my association with the Institute and will always be proud to be part of the IIMB community.

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