Good Health through Dry Fruits: The Kharawala Products Journey

The start-up Kharawala Products is into importing and exporting dry fruits, seeds and berries. The Founder, Rinki Chandawalla, shares that their vision is to educate people about the importance of dry fruits, their quality and how much should be consumed. “We aim to ensure best quality, competitive pricing and exclusive packaging. We supply dry fruits via tender system to five-star hotels. We also sell to reputed companies and online through marketplaces. Moreover, we have started Digital Marketing for the brand. Kharawala has added more than 1000 new direct customers over a span of three years, all over India. Today Kharawala is a brand which caters to retail and wholesale segments as well”, Rinki says.
She adds, “I decided to build a new business line for my family business which is involved in trading of dry fruits. I am instrumental in building the brand ‘Kharawala Products’ and market products to cater to the FMCG sector.”

Rinki Chandawalla is a Chartered Accountant and businesswoman. For the last three years, she has been leading the corporate sales and marketing division of the organization. She leads a team of 10 people. “We have been able to increase revenue for the organization by focusing on modern trade and corporate customers.”

Earlier, she worked in a financial services group where she led the compliance team as well as finance and accounts involving statutory compliances such as tax, company law, SEBI, stock exchange filings, etc.
Sharing that her NSRCEL experience has had an immense impact on her and her business, Rinki says, “NSRCEL brought 135 women entrepreneurs on one platform where they discussed problems, got solutions, struck collaborations and made friends. The course gave me a perspective on investor funding. Ours is a bootstrapped company, and I strongly feel that we need to take funding to stay ahead of competitors. The NSRCEL program taught us that preparation and planning are essential before one can consider the same.”
“We also learnt about the right techniques and methods of advertising as well as marketing. This course gave me not just ideas, but taught me the way to spend my resources optimally and get the best results from marketing and advertisement strategies. It also gave me the perspective that with limited resources, it is better to focus and master one area before going to another.”

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