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Recently we reached out to the previous learners of our MOOC “Innovation and IT Management.” We were hoping to get some insights on how the course helped them and if the course ware can be redesigned for more learner engagement.
While doing so, our interaction with one of the students was very inspiring. It emphasized on one of the major drawbacks of classroom learning – Inaccessibility to classrooms.
Nabirye Annette Atugonza is a learner from Kampala, Uganda, East Africa.
She is an IT specialist holding a Bachelors in business administration, specialized in business computing and with a diploma in information technology.
Looking for a change of work, she wanted to upgrade her knowledge on the recent IT trends. Had such a program been delivered in a conventional classroom atmosphere, it would have been difficult for her to have taken it up. But since this course was available online by IIMBx on edX, it was very convenient for her to enroll and finish it successfully. Post which she applied for and got a job in The United Nations office of human rights as a researcher to help develop a software.
During our interaction, she stressed on the relevance of the course teachings and its applicability in the workplace. She said, “I used professor’s knowledge right from the documentation stage to the implementation of the software.” She was all praises for Professor Rahul De and was very keen on taking up more such courses.
This goes to show that although MOOCs are a way to deliver knowledge at a global level it does not get in the way of making the learning personalized and ensuring complete understanding. Learner Stories like these encourage us to deliver better MOOCs, one after another.
In this age of technology, distance should not be an obstacle to learning. Thanks to digital learning, these gaps are rapidly disappearing. For insistence, in the previous run of the course “Innovation and IT management” in 2016, we saw an overall enrollment of 51% from India, 20% from the USA, and 29% from the rest of the world.
In one of our more recent courses, we saw an expansion of this global reach. There were students from countries like Poland, Congo, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Vanuatu. The percentage of enrollments from each of these nations might be small, but the impact that it is creating in the lives of these individuals is huge!
There are many great MOOCs out there, and we can proudly say that “Innovation and IT Management” is one of them. The course content, the videos, the animations and the overall design is sure to help you learn key decision-making skills to better manage and implement IT and innovation in your workplace.
To explore the world of Digital Learning through this course, please visit : Innovation and IT Management@IIMBx
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