Decongesting Bengaluru: NSRCEL-incubated start-up shows the way

Incubated at IIM Bangalore’s NSRCEL, Series-5 Lab has launched a technology platform for Software Defined Marketing (SDM), a programmatic cloud-based platform to manage assets across all mass media, create TG specific next-generation experiences, run marketing campaigns and report real-time analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The start-up has been working with the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC). In 2019, they launched BMTC Namma Pass, a digital ticketing facility for the Volvo Vajra service. So far, over 3000 passengers use this digital cashless mode of ticketing service, and the founders say BMTC has received an encouraging response from commuters to ITPL and Electronics City. 

Series-5 Labs has also launched the Green Miles program to promote use of public transport. Saro Chandra Bhooshan, CEO, Series-5 Labs, says: “Listed as the most traffic-congested city in the world in a recent survey, Bengaluru can find some relief if people choose public transportation.”

Riding on the response to BMTC Namma Pass, the realtors, Sumadhura Group,  and Series-5 Lab have collaborated to launch the Green Miles program. Under this program, a commuter can top up Cash Miles and accrue Earned Miles, which can be redeemed for subsequent travel using the BMTC Namma Pass. 

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