Business, Travel, and Tales with Turkish Delights Parul Aggarwal & Saurav Singh, who have just graduated from the one year full-time Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management share their Global Network Week experience at Koç University Graduate School of Business, Turkey, where they studied the challenges of family businesses across the world

02 April, 2018, Bengaluru: The Global Network Week (12th to 16th March, 2018) for MBA students, organized by the Global Network for Advanced Management, provides a unique opportunity to pursue a focused, theme-based course in one of the 32 leading business schools of the world. The Global Network Week aims to encourage students and faculty members from different countries, cultures, and economies to learn together and to learn from each other, to build relationships, to enhance awareness about issues and arrive at solutions for global and complex issues.

As representatives of IIM Bangalore, we explored ‘Driving Engines of Economic Growth in Emerging Countries’, during the Network Week at Koç University Graduate School of Business, Turkey.

Day 1 – Welcome address at Koc University

Centered around the role and significance of family businesses around the world, the course exposed us to the demanding and complex problems faced by family-run business like Walmart, Volkswagen, Ford, TATAs, Reliance, Koç, etc. in a global economy.

GNAM Visit to Koc HQ
Parul and Saurav with Student Coordinator at Istiney Campus
Teams from various Schools working together on Simulation Game (1)
Teams from various Schools working together on Simulation Game (2)

Studying with 62 MBA students from 10 Global Network schools, we attended lectures from subject matter experts on Turkish Economy, Family Businesses, Globalization of Companies and Private Equity, and participated in team building activities, discussed and debated, applied our learnings from the course and played a group simulation game on real world business challenges. The highlights of the week were a tour of the Koç Holding A.Ş headquarters, the largest industrial conglomerate in Turkey, and an engaging discussion of a Harvard Business Case.

The Batch photo at the Main Campus
Last Day – Certification Ceremony

The Week was as much about the business aspect as about the cultural exchange. Easy to approach faculty members, an ever-helpful organizing committee, and the vibrant energy of the cohort made the entire experience memorable for each one of us. The Koç University Alumni Networking reception organized in the heart of Istiklal square was a night to remember with its beautiful view of the Bosporus and finger-licking Turkish food. The enthralling tales of adventures shared by our new friends from different parts of the world – from Europe, China, South Africa, and Mexico to North America – kept us in high spirits late into the night.

Balloons Cappadocia
Bosphorous Cruise

Our stay in Turkey delivered what was promised to us and much more. Turkey is a dream come true for travelers at heart, as we are. Istanbul has become one of our most beloved destinations for holidays due to a number of reasons – its mysterious streets filled with the delectable fragrance of baklava, beautiful monuments and magnificent ruins belonging to different chapters of history, chaotic bazaars unraveling a confluence of varying cultures – old and new, east and west, and the warmth and hospitality of the Turkish people. Balloon rides over the rocky terrain of Cappadocia at dawn and cruise on Bosporus at dusk left us speechless. After soaking in the history of thousands of years while enjoying the bright sunshine and thunderous rain within the same week, mapping the country on foot, bus, train, tram, and plane, with rejuvenated minds, revitalized souls and a heavy heart, we bid farewell to the Global Network Week and our host country, Turkey.

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